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Jon Tarry

Perth based artist Jon Tarry exploits the media of sculpture, drawing, sound and film in an ongoing reckoning with the properties of form and space.

Tarry possesses an acute interest in the merging of art and architectural conditions and the implications of our spatial relationships within a modern, globalised context. For instance, Tarry has long been fascinated by the intricate line work that airport runways afford when viewed from above. His replication of runways the world over recognises them as unique and symbolically charged modes of modern mark making, connecting and making accessible once distant places.

In 2014 Tarry was listed as a finalist in the Bankwest Art Prize. He has recently collaborated with musicians in an exploration of the interrelationships that exist between audio and visual immersion. One such performance was SWARMnight, a three–part performance of live sound art and drawing at Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery in 2012.

Tarry has completed a vast number of public art commissions in Australia and overseas. In 2013 he completed a PhD at the School of Architecture and Design at RMIT University, Melbourne. He has held a position as Associate Professor at the Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Visual Art Faculty of the University of Western Australia for several years.