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Calling all Benefactors!

June is our Benefactors’ month! If you’d like to sign up for 2018, now is the time to let us know!

Being one of our exclusive set of only 20 Benefactors for 2018 is a rewarding experience. You will join the warm camaraderie of the group, help to support our ongoing work, get to know our artists … and you’ll receive one of their original artworks for your collection.

Each of our artists donates a significant piece of original artwork to be drawn at the Benefactors ballot party. Among great hilarity and holding of breath, every Benefactor receives one of the works.

Although you won’t know what you’ll receive until your number is drawn, you are guaranteed a quality, original artwork valued at around $4000. And even if you don’t land the work you have your eye on, we’re sure you’ll be smiling – it’s always great to hear from Benefactors that tell us how much they have grown to love a piece that perhaps they would not have chosen at first sight.

All contributions raised through our Benefactors supports our Exhibitions program.

So, we’d love you to join us as a Benefactor. Sign up now for $2500 and help us to continue to grow. Please contact us for more information or see our FAQs.

The group exhibition that displays the brilliant line up of works to be drawn for the Benefactors will be on show in the gallery from 28-30 June and on our website.


Benefactors FAQ 2018




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