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Art Collective WA exists to improve visibility for Western Australian visual artists, in particular those that have been living and working in this State for many years.

We are run by artists, for artists.

We invite qualified professional artists to join us through membership. In becoming members, the artists understand that there will be a collective approach to running the organisation and that the outcomes reflect positively on members’ careers.

Art Collective WA is a not-for-profit incorporated association. We raise money through artwork sales and through the generous support of our Benefactors and donors to develop more opportunities for our long-term career artists.

Our vision is that Western Australian visual artists are celebrated to ensure that their work is valued both inside and outside of the State.



 We present high quality exhibitions by our artist members and invited artists in our gallery all year round.

We also show diverse exhibitions by invitation at venues such as Vasse Felix Gallery in Margaret River.

We are invited to exhibit at national and international Art Fairs, such as Melbourne Art Fair, Sydney Contemporary Art Fair and Art Stage Singapore.


We want to tell the story of our artists. Our first self-published monograph, on renowned artist Trevor Vickers, is now in bookshops and national institutions. We will publish our next book, featuring Jeremy Kirwan-Ward, in 2017.

Artwork Sales and Leasing

Alongside our diverse exhibitions, we run a stock room for the sale or lease of art for all budgets.

Artist Talks and Interviews

We regularly hold events such as Artist Talks and Interviews to contribute to arts dialogue and record artists’ stories.


 Merrick Belyea, Trevor Vickers, Jeremy Kirwan-Ward, Helen Smith, Eveline Kotai, Joanna Lamb.


 Felicity Johnston – felicity@artcollectivewa.com.au