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Chris Hopewell

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After almost two decades in New York, USA, Western Australian artist Chris Hopewell returned to Fremantle in 2006, where he currently lives and paints.

Hopewell’s works are process orientated: gestured marks, tones and textures are applied over the top of a succession of previous layers. His interest lies in spatially weaving various, distinct dimensions in order to create new and random environments. Upon observation of one of Hopewell’s completed pieces, threads in free association are triggered and unfold for the viewer.
Hopewell strives to realise in his paintings a continuous aesthetic of randomness, one that reflects the intuitive evolution of his artworks – a phenomenon ever present in the world around us. Just as his marks offer traces of movement and energy through time, so too does Hopewell aim to evoke a blueprint for how layered thoughts and memory, or dreams, might be recorded and how our consciousness creates part of the universe that surrounds us.

Hopewell’s work has been acquired by major public as well as private collections, including: Art Gallery of Western Australia; Bankwest, WA; Curtin University of Technology, WA; Edith Cowan University, WA; Kerry Stokes Collection, WA; and Wesfarmers, WA.

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