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Eveline Kotai

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Visual artist Eveline Kotai was born in 1950 in Perth, Western Australia, and currently resides and works in Fremantle, Western Australia. For more than 30 years Kotai has exhibited extensively in Australia, working across the media of painting, drawing, print and textiles.

Technical aptitude and a deep sense of subject leads to the production of continually unexpected combinations of colours, patterns, and textures. The Margaret River landscape where Kotai lived for 7 years is an ongoing influence upon her work, as is the surroundings of her Fremantle base and her interest in Buddhist philosophy.

In the last decade, Kotai has become well known for her idiosyncratic stitched collages – a self-devised technique which involves the artist cutting up her paintings into thin strips and reconfiguring them across a surface with the use of a sewing machine and invisible thread. Arts Writer John McDonald described this method as: ‘infinite in its applications… virtuosic in its stylistic variations… While her structures may be rigid, Kotai uses colour to create patterns and rhythms that dance on the canvas.’ (John McDonald, The Sydney Morning Herald, August 25 2012).

Kotai embraces the unpredictable within her artistic approaches. More recently, she has expanded upon her two-dimensional artworks by merging them with design. The appropriation of paintings and collages in to the parameters of furniture, scarves, carpets and architectural surfaces has endowed Kotai’s imagery with added sensuality and tactility.

Over the years, Kotai has won numerous awards including most recently co-winning the 61st Blake Prize in 2012 and the City of Armadale’s Gerry Gauntlett Award in 2013. Her work is represented in many major collections throughout Australia, including the National Gallery of Australia, the Art Gallery of Western Australia, the Cruthers Collection of Women’s Art, Bankwest and Artbank.














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